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Originally Posted by SoreFeet View Post
23 will work on that rim but might be a little narrow. 25 is the minimum that I would run on a rim that width. Good luck. I've never had a problem mounting a continental tire. The last part of the tire will require some muscling but it will eventually pop on.
Sorry to resurrect an old thead, but I am still thinking of getting some tires for these rims. I will probably get some nicer tires. Maybe even Conti 4000's, put probably just a Conti Gatorskin with a kelvar bead.

I was going to do 23mm tires, but SoreFeet's comment made me nervous. I looked it up, and people seem to say that the MA40 rim has a outer width of 20mm, and an interior width of 14.5.

According to Sheldon Brown's little chart

I should be able to run 23 tires on these rims.

But is it not preferred? Should just go with 25's instead?

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