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Riding like its 1990
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Starting to get in trouble - too many bikes - but its cheaper than drugs and gambling

I just brought home two more bikes! I think I need to chill a bit on the search for bikes.
I began riding again a while back. One bike in the garage. No problem.

Months pass and I got a steel Trek to build for my brother who wanted to ride with me. As I built it up I liked that one more than mine and traded him but kept building them. Two bikes.

Another month passes and I picked up a steel Centurion (excellent condition) for my wife to ride with me. It turned out to be too small and will soon be sold. Three bikes.

My son got his first bike from grandma, small but hey, it still counts. Four bikes

Several weeks ago I came across a steal of a deal on a Carbon Trek, and I bought it got it on the road today for the first time, it may be a keeper and my new daily (maybe the vintage becomes a SS). Five bikes.

I still wanted to get my wife something to ride and my riding partner is a mountain bike rider too so I've been wanting to try MTB as I've only ever done road riding my whole life.
So today two more coffin nails ran home...

I picked up a Trek 1000 for my wife AND a Specialized Hardrock for myself off of CL...
Seven Bikes
I need help!

And still, nobody has been riding with me.
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