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Newb Looking at 2nd Wheels

Not sure where this best goes, so feel free to move is necessary.

Continuing to get into cycling and after several months on my ride (Surly Crosscheck) I'm considering getting a new set of wheels. Current set-up has the following (no idea if this info is needed...i'm still a newb!)
Rims/Wheels: Alex DA16
Hubs: Shimano Deore
Tires: Ritchey Speedmax Cross, 700 x 32c

Love the bike and rides well, even on pavement. However I'm spending more time on paved trails/roads than anticipated, at least for now. That's getting me looking at snagging a tire/wheel more appropriate for that and swapping them out as appropriate depending on the ride. How hard is that to do on my own, btw?

Is this something that folks normally do?
If so, any suggestions?

Currently on the heavy side at ~200lbs, but on the way down. Not looking to break the bank, but would like some level of quality as well. Still just getting into things, so doing casual rides for the moment to try and build up muscles and help get in shape. Down the road, I'll see, but likely similar unless life changes and opens up more time.

All comments/questions appreciated!

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