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Trek 7.3 FX vs. Gary Fisher Monona

Hey all,

I just had my Trek 7.3 FX stolen from my building's parking garage. The thief jacked the upside-down "U" that was bolted to the concrete along with my bike. There was no other way for it to be stolen. *sigh* The thief didn't even take the other bike that was locked to the same "U"- it wasn't nice enough. I'm waiting for the police to come to file a report, but they won't be able to do anything. *sigh*

Anyway, I need to replace it. Luckily, it is a good time for me to do that, what with the $499 sale price on the 7.3 FX (my LBS has that deal). Good timing for a crap event to happen to me.

However, the guy at the shop that I spoke with recommended that I get the Gary Fisher Monona instead, and he would give it to me for the same $499 price (instead of the $579 they usually charge for it, and the MSRP is $639). He was basically telling me that the Monona is a superior bike compared to the Trek 7.3 FX. He has the Monona in stock, he does not have the 7.3 FX in stock- he would need to order it special for me.

I don't know much about the different components each bike comes with or the materials the frames are made out of. I was hoping some of you who have more knowledge could recommend which bike I should go for. Is the Monona truly better than the 7.3 FX? Is it actually inferior? Are they the same? Is this shop just trying to unload inventory on me instead of ordering the 7.3 FX?

I am planning on going to the shop and taking the Monona for a test ride tomorrow morning. I really enjoyed my 7.3 FX- it was a fun bike to ride. If I am going to replace it with the Monona, I want to make sure that I am upgrading, not downgrading.

Thanks for your help!
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