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Had a chance to go home this afternoon, and I took a better look at the wheel (didn't have my camera on me, though--I'll post the pic tonight). Whatever happened caused the bearing cap to detach from the hub, and several individual bearings were missing. Crazy. I'm glad I was going slow on a calm street when it happened.

I got the measure the rear spacing, and it's 130mm. Maybe the newer San Joses are 120m (this is an '06)?

I searched around for a bit during lunch, and the only 36h 130mm track hubs I could find were Phils. Those are little rich for my blood right now

From what I'm reading, the Origin8 are basically branded Formula hubs, same as IRO. They do make 36h track hubs, but only 120mm. Unless I find something else, it looks like my only option is to do like wroomwroomoops said and put 5mm spacers on each side.

Can any bad stuff come of this?

Again, thanks for schooling me on this, everyone. I know like 500 percent more about hubs and dropout spacing than I did 48 hours ago!
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