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Originally Posted by big scholar View Post

I searched around for a bit during lunch, and the only 36h 130mm track hubs I could find were Phils. Those are little rich for my blood right now
OK, let's try to break this down a little:

Track hubs are made for 120mm spacing.

All other non-MTB (road and others) hubs are made for 130mm spacing.

Your San Jose 2006 has 130mm, as you have measured yourself (wasn't necessary, Bianchi has that info online, but ok, the safest thing is always measure).

Ergo, you can fit a non-MTB hub in there. You can use a normal hub with threads (but not splines) for a freewheel, on which you won't put a freewheel but your track cog (with a bit of Loctite) and then a lockring. Knowing this surely opens up a lot more options, doesn't it? I have to go, I'm traveling in 2 hours from now so you will have to do the search for yourself. But point is, you don't necessarily need a track hub.
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