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hey how do you manage to get the files out of the phone?

sending by email option doesn't work well, and export to file system, seems pointless as i can't find a proper way to retrieve the file from memory.

not using SD cards, just saving to phone memory.

Originally Posted by michaelalanjone View Post
I have waited a long time for this. I just downloaded a free BlackBerry app for my BB Bold, that logs your route, as you ride along. No more need for a separate GPS unit to do this. Basically, the only reason I had a handlebar-mounted GPS was to track/record my trails and road rides, so that I could map them on Google Earth.

All you do is install it, go to your riding place, and then start the app, then do "Start Recording". When you are done, you just do "Stop Recording", and it will create a GPX or KML file for you. Then you upload that file to Google Earth, and you can see an overlay of where you rode. This would also work for runners, but I am not going to tell them, because then they will start running on "my" trails. Just kidding.

Paranoid? This is not a people tracking app, it only records when you tell it to.

I don't know which BlackBerries actually have integrated GPS, but the website says that it has been tested on 8100, 8310, 8800, 8820, 9000 & 9500 models. I already carry my BlackBerry when I ride anyway, to call my mommy and tell her to come get me --no, in case I need to call my wife and tell her that I have broken my leg, on a trail, and to either call EMS or the life insurance agent, her choice.

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