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Bikes: TREK 7.3 FX

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Originally Posted by KungPaoSchwinn View Post
My stock front brake on the FX squeals sometimes only when brake hard in slow that how you guys refers to " bite "?

Oh,,so sorry so hear about your loss Surely, what part of LA are you from?
I live in Westwood. The thief snuck into my building's parking garage and actually unbolted the upside-down "U" that was bolted to the concrete that my bike was locked to. They took that along with my bike. They left the bolts on the ground, probably to mock me. There would have been no other way for them to steal it- I was using a Kryptonite Evolution Mini (using the Sheldon Brown Lock Strategy) and a cable through the front wheel. They took one other Trek bike, but left a few others that weren't locked up and were worth little money.

Originally Posted by Panthers007 View Post
The frame is the heart of the bike. The reason I favor the Trek is that the "black" aluminum-frame on the 7.3 is the same as my (former) 7.5 is 7.6 is 7.7. And these frames are very good. The frame on the GFM is an unknown quantity at this point.
Fair enough.

It would be nice to know what the difference is between 'FX alpha black aluminum' and 'gold series aluminum'.
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