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I have a Thule rack kind of like that and so far it has worked out fine. But with my new recumbent that is probably worth as much as my car I think I'm going to upgrade to something that doesn't use straps like that and instead is hitch mounted. I was going to suggest to buy worth using long term, but if this basically going to be a one time deal, then I would think something like this would work. Using extra bungee cords would help prevent any additional movement and depending on what type of frame it is, you might want to be aware that the straps could cause wear marks on the paint and frame.

Also, I don't know how much your bike is worth. But if it's something expensive, then realize that the straps of these types of racks can be easily cut and a thief can easily make off with your bike if you're not watching it closely. So if you're staying in a hotel or something during the trip, the bike goes with you and does not stay on the rack over night. With my rack, when I'm not able to view the bike directly, I remove it and lock it up to something as if I rode there myself.

Good luck.
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