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ok, so heres the deal with clips and straps: first of all I was using a cheapo pair from REI ($15) because I didn't feel like shelling out for something that may not work for me. so anytime I would go to skid I would lift up on my front pedal (and push on my back pedal) and my foot would easily slide right out of the front pedal's clips. I don't see how I can make clips work because:

1. If all i do is put presure on my back tire then my tire jumps (im a bit of a heavier guy so there is already more weight on my back tire than usual anyways).
2. I don't see how I can prevent my front foot from sliding out of straps and clips (I tried several ankle/foot positions throughout an afternoon and unless I tightened them down my foot slid out).

So I am either missing something really fundamental or straps/clips just wont work for me.

What are double straps (forgive my naivety, still a bit of a newbie)?
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