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yeah, i've been hit by a car, head on.i smashed into the windsheild and destroyed it, bent my frame and fork useless but i escaped with only a cut on my head. not too interesting.

just a short list of injuries include, multiple sprained wrists/ankles, torn acl, 3 teeth knocked out, multiple concussions and hundreds of major cuts and bruises.

i'd say the worst one was tearing my acl, riding trails when i was 17. the rythem section was pretty difficult to get through because every jump was too close to the next, so everyone was getting broke off that summer. however, they were great trails because they were tough. anyways, middle of the set i didn't have enough speed, so i pulled up and hoped for the best, landed in a manual and instantly looped out, took my left foot off to hopefully save my ass but it just twisted, tore and i went down hard. that was the most painful injury for sure, even knocking teeth out wasn't nearly as bad. and i hate dental injuries!
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