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I've been there, except the guy was 10 feet away. Brazen is right. I was also in shock at what i was seeing, it was lunch time in chicago loop and probably my first crime to witness. Then I wondered if kicking him in the head was a good idea (I'm only 135 lbs, should I be starting a fight with a crackhead w/ wirecutters?). My female co-worker wanted to just walk away, thankfully someone else had the presence of mind to call out a guard from the federal reserve post, who scared the guy off.

Lessons learned and things to consider: Is the guy working alone, or does he have a spotter? (we think mine did) The guy could always have a concealed weapon and lets face it, if he's not some young kid that you can scare off by yelling at him, he's probably willing to use it if confronted. Local laws regarding physical defense of property would be good to know before you start anything. Best idea is to just make a scene, probably from a safe distance.
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