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Originally Posted by adlai View Post
well, he was across the street, about what, 20 ft away? If it had been close by, I do think I would have stopped him physically.
Originally Posted by adlai View Post
He was across the street so a physical confrontation wasn't really an option. If from the moment I saw him jacking the bike I had walked across the st. I might have caught him, but it took me a minute to figure out that he was doing something malicious.
In that case, it's good for you that you were caught off guard and were too far away to try something. Black_Box is 100% right. I'm 200lbs and pretty confident walking down the street, and I wouldn't physically confront a dude stealing a bike on an empty street.

An assault in progress is a different story. But I'm not risking a facial scar or worse for someone else's bike, which can be replaced.
You handled it pretty much the right way. No need to qualify it or explain that you were caught off guard.
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