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Originally Posted by meanwhile View Post
If you get a moment I'd be interested to know what you think of the info for the site for KBS Rust Stop. They claim that:
RustSeal completely seals metal surfaces, blocking all the pores and preventing penetration of moisture, oxygen, and water vapor.

And it's a "Polymeric Isocyanate" according to
Uh-huh. That means polyurethane. And it's BS. 9 dollars for the protection that RustBullet over here charge 43 quid for? The salesmen are talking. The tech department probably threw a sh*tfit when they saw that.

I'm sure in most cases that their PU coating does block the majority of moisture. But oxygen and water vapour it won't stop, or they'd have tested it in water vapour and listed the results on the page. For reference, just because things like sulphuric acid are listed on there, it doesn't mean very much. All of those materials the coating has been tested in shouldn't affect a protective coating that claims to meet ASTM-B117. All aerospace quality and marine quality coatings must pass ASTM B-117 with flying colours. It's just a normal 5% salt fog test. Hell, we test everything in that, even aluminium.

As for the blocking pores - that's technically true, if you accept 'pores' can mean anything. I think that's the angle they're working.

Originally Posted by meanwhile View Post
I noticed that one of the magazine articles archived on their site claimed that an angle grinder was required to remove this stuff, and even that had problems. It's designed to be used as the middle layer layer of a 3 layer sandwich, btw.
That sounds like PU. It just clogs the damned tool.
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