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Originally Posted by Surely View Post
Thanks for everyone's insights. I ended up buying the Gary Fisher Monona instead of the Trek 7.3 FX.

Here's why I went with the GF:
  • The frames are identical
  • The shifters are better on the GF
  • The crank is better on the GF (actually, it's the same crank on the 7.5 FX)
  • The grips and stock saddle are more comfortable on the GF than what I had on the 7.3 FX

It's a great little LBS. Plug: The shop is called Beverly Hills Bike Shop. If you buy a bike there, you get lifetime tune-ups for free, as often as you'd like. Also, they sold me the Monona at the same price as the Trek special price for the 7.3 FX, which is $499 (instead of the MSRP $639.99). So, I saved around $140 plus tax, and ended up with a slightly better bike.

I'm very happy with my purchase. I can't wait to take her on a long ride.......
Congrats! Sounds like we were struggling with the same decision. I just picked up a Monona yesterday as a commuter and made the first commute on it this morning. It's an excellent bike and handled the ride wonderfully. As a comparison, I rode the Giant FCR3, Giant Seek 2, and Trek 7.3FX before deciding on the Monona. I was very interested in the Kona Dew Plus as well, but the only Kona dealer within a 150 mile radius of me didn't carry that model. The FCR3 felt too much like a road bike for a commuter (tall gearing and high stand-over) and the Seek 2 felt too much like a mountain bike for a commuter (very heavy and geared quite low). It really came down to the 7.3FX and Monona, and I went with the Monona for the reasons you mention, in addition to one other. The frame geometry is actually different. In comparatively similar sizes, the top tube on the Monona is longer compared the 7.3FX, giving the feeling of being more "stretched out". Which I, personally, like. On the 7.3 I felt like I was sitting up more and actually felt a tad bit "cramped", which would be a problem on longer rides.

Gary Fisher has a good thing going with the Monona.

Anywho, enjoy the bike! I know I am!

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