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First trick I ever learned , front brakes help tons ! .

I coast on the left pedal with my right foot on the left side dangling just above the tire and a bit under the down tube . come to almost a complete stop and stuff your right foot into the space between the tire and the back of the forks (on top of the tire) at the same time you clamp the front brakes . As the rear end lifts off the ground , push sideways(right) with your left foot(still on the pedal) as you transfer your weight to the front wheel . A little push-pull on the bars will speed up or slow down the front end as is starts to circle the head tube.

The main thing is to stop going foreward as that will lift the rear wheel up to high to make a revolution .

a little push pull and shimmy experimenting on the bars is needed to find the balance point / spin point , but when you finaly see the back end coming around you can stop it with your now free left foot and climb back on as you see fit .

I learned this trick before front brakes were invented and if you went to far over the front end , your foot would slide and roll down the back of the front wheel , just clamp the brakes nowadays !
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