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I have learned to not even try to eat solid foods on a ride.

There are generally 4 types of "liquid fuel".
As your time/distance increases, you need to work your way down the list.
The times here are just rough estimates.

1. Water
Duration: Up to 2 hrs

2. Water + electrolytes
Duration: 2-3 hrs. (A symptom of lack of electrolytes is cramping.)
- Gatorade

3. Water + electrolytes + carbohydrates
Duration: 3-12 hrs
- Powerbar Endurance
- Hammer Heed

4. Water + electrolytes + carbohydrates + protein + fats
Duration: Multi-day rides.
Beware protein/fats sour a few hours after opening/mixing in warm weather.
- Hammer Perpetuem
- Hammer Sustained Energy
- Ensure Plus
(King Soopers sells a generic called "Fortify Plus" that costs less)

Also, *always* have a one bottle of plain water on your ride. I have experienced exercise-induced nausea so bad I couldn't even drink a carbo-mix, but that was all I had with me 2/3 of the way through a hot weather century. As a result I got dehydrated before I reached the next store. It made the last 30 miles REALLY miserable.

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