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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
1. Eat foods you like ... don't force yourself to eat "energy bars" because some company tells you they're what cyclists eat. I much prefer oatmeal raisin cookies to powerbars.

2. Nibble ... this is what I have a Bento Box for. I put my oatmeal raisin cookies in the Bento Box and nibble throughout the ride, rather than trying to force down an entire cookie all at once.
+1 but with one difference. I'd say eat foods that work for you. You just have to experiment. You might even find things that you like at the start of a ride, don't work so well for you later on in a long ride. For me, I find Clif bars and Hammer gel to be Okay tasting (better tasting to me than other brands) but I know for a fact, that my stomach can handle them pretty much any time on a ride. If I need energy and want something I know will work and won't upset my stomach, I always have something I can go to. Everyone is different though.
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