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Introducing my Bike

Hi everyone, my first proper post here,

basically, im 16 years old, and totally new to racing bikes and stuff but the other day got an old gillott bike, the guy who owned it from new used it daily when he was younger but for the last 15/20 years it sat in his garage! I have discovered that in fact its one of the raleighs which was stamped as a gillott when edwarde owned the company which people often call junk and say are awful bikes but I still love it, its my first 'proper' bike and im still going to restore it and spend the money on it that I would have if it were a 'real' gillott,
its all original except for the handle bars but it will soon have a set of similar vintage drop bars.

here are some pictures:


Soon the handle bars will be dropped with red tape, and there will be new tyres but they will still be amber walled, any advice on aesthetics for the future? what should I do with her? for a while im just gonig to ride and enjoy the bike with the old cracked green paint and red handle bars but would like to do something a bit more organised in the future, i was thinknig original green paint plus just white everything else, so whtie seat and handlebar tape?

also, the frame has quite a bit of rust in spots where the paint has come away, what should i do about this? ive put some 3 in 1 all over the frame so should I do anything else or not? and also, if this bike is as worthless as I have read elsewhere, is there much reason to keep the paint original? I probably will for a long time but eventually it might be nice to respray, especially considering the corrosion, or should i try and save the original paint at all costs anyway?

and any other tips or history about the bike? by the way, the serial number is 141825.

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