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PSA tests are controversial. One doctor told me it was a waste of time and potentially dangerous due to false reports.

Urinate more often, like whenever you get the urge, go to the can. Don't wait till you are finished doing what you are doing or the pain is so bad you are dying. Urinate before bed, after getting up, before a meal, an hour after the meal. Drink a bit more water.

Most men have various stages of the problem.

I am not sure if it makes any difference with the prostate, but I bought a very expensive pair of biking shorts with a nice soft pad inside and then immediately after went on a 160 mile ride with my daughter. It was the first time ever doing more than a mile or five. Unbelievable awesome comfort. I added a fleece seat cover to my seat and wow it's nice.

Prior to that a 5 mile ride to work would leave me numb.
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