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I have a ~$160 dept store Schwinn (Pacific). So far I would estimate having about 1200 miles on it. I haven't had any major mechanical failures. That being said, there have been a couple of irritations and/or things beginning to wear out:
  • V-brakes don't always center correctly. This has gotten worse as the bike gets older and the tensioner springs don't seem to have much effect.
  • I have some intermittent faint noise from the bottom bracket that probably isn't good.
  • After riding nicer bikes, I can definitely tell that the wheels don't roll as smoothly and fluidly as more expensive bikes.
  • The left grip shifter broke. This was a result of me jerking it too hard when going over some rough terrain. It actually lasted a year before it totally stopped working.
  • The seat sucks - too soft. I haven't seen many replacements that seem to be much better in the <$30 price range so I still have that.
So, I got what I paid for - but if I had a different bike, I wouldn't have rode it any more miles since I primarily use it for commuting and the occasional recreational ride. My cost per mile is relatively low.

I plan on getting a ~$600-800 road bike in the next year and keeping this one around for bad weather commuting and family rides.

I think if you get either bike you're considering, it will last long enough for you to get a couple years use out of and decide if you want to make a bigger investment in the future.
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