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first of all, if you want to ride the tour de france, buy a trek. if you want to ride BMX, buy a haro, or S and M or even a specialized. I ride a redline flite, i love it. second take all the crap that comes with it off. take the brakes, the headset, the pedals. do the research and buy parts that were made for adult bikes. you seem to know about quality parts, why would you buy a pair of $30 brakes from oddysey, or primo. i stripped that crap off and went straight to the avid single digit ultimates. $110 a piece, but one finger stops me nice. i am scared to pull both on full power.

from what i have seen, bike companies that are not in the BMX biz think that they can make some crap to make money, and then sell it to some 13 yearolds. and since the whole thing is geared towards a deomgraphic with less money (teens) there is not incentive to make nice high quality parts, unless the company's a BMX company, like redline, or any number of small manufacturers.

My advice. treat this bike like you would a nice bike of any other genre. buy nice parts and they will be nice to you.
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