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I didn't stop biking because I didn't feel anything was wrong. I had popped the spoke out of the hub so I couldn't ride for a day or so. Also the pain came back when I stepped out of the shower. The tub is one of those old style lifted up tubs so when I put my leg down on the ground I got a shooting searing pain. The pain prevented me from lifting a bended knee up fully and would be constant throughout doing that, bringing it up and setting it back down. I did take a break from biking as after the ride home from work the day the pain came back I was on the verge of tears the entire time. A week later, I believe, I ran 10miles on it without too much trouble aside from that being one of my longest runs in awhile. Now it's been intermittent pain and mostly when I am just sitting around for long periods of time. When I'm active, no problem. I'm seeing a doctor today, finally...hopefully it's not going to be a recommendation to stay off the bike or not run. /:

Thanks for the replies!
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