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Originally Posted by AnnaMossity View Post
I expect rims to survive a slow speed encounter with a curb. How am I supposed to trust a bike on a long tour if it can't handle a parking lot?

Answer: I don't and probably won't tour again 'cept for short trips.

Im sorry, I didn't mean to sound like I was attacking you or anything. I'm just saying that the dyad is basically the strongest 700c rim available, aside from the mavic A719- they are probably pretty comparable in terms of stregth... I prefer the dyad, because I prefer non eyeletted rims... I have used Dyad for AGGRESSIVE mtb, with multiple foot drops to flat landing etc, and they hold up fine. If one failed from a curb, its a fluke, not the rule...

I guess Im saying it will be tough to find anything much stronger...
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