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Originally Posted by CMcMahon View Post
It's hard to fully appreciate something when a park funded by a local bikeshop and built by local riders is a place where riders get $100+ tickets from the city for not wearing pads, when skaters at the city-funded skatepark that bikes aren't allowed in don't get tickets of any sort for doing the same.

edit: Place is rad, though.

edit: I ride SC High almost every time I come into town.
But dude... just the SCENE. There were a total of TWO freestylers back in those days in SC: Me and a dude named Seth Osborn. BTW, Seth was doing barspins off picnic tables and stuff back in '91 = FTW! BTW, The stage used to be much higher and I had a Haro Master with a neon green bash guard that I slid from end to end. Can you imagine getting out of school and right after sessioning that place without getting kicked out?

Now, it's like there are BMX'ers everywhere. We had to ask our parents to drive us up to Calabasas to ride with anybody of decent riding caliber. We would have to come back into Santa Cruz and re-hash the tricks we learned from all the dope riders. It was like playing catch up everytime we left Santa Cruz since we had nobody else to ride with. I have a pic of Mike Krnaich circa 1991 completely fakied on a Mongoose or something at the Cali treeride. Moments later he "repaired" his frame with duct tape. Also that day Grasso was riding. Oldscar was somewhere in his Oakleys riding that Ozone of his.

Ah, the memories.