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Bikes: I have a custom 2006 Zinn magnesium frame road bike set up for triathlon and a big semi-custom touring bike, the frame of which is a 1983 Apollo Prestige XL.

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So maybe I'd be better off getting a bike with 26" wheels and a 48 spoke rear and fatty tires.

FWIW the bloke that built my wheels is 268 lbs and has lots of touring experience and mountainbiking exp too. The spoke tension was high but I think maybe due to the relatively high tire pressure and low profile tire it's plausible that the collision with the curb created enough outward force on the rim to split it. 300 lbs over a curb even at slow speeds has got to be tough on a rim. It probably wouldn't have happened with lower tire pressure and fatter tires. Just my guess.

I can't, for the life of me, figure out how people find touring to be stress-relieving, I'm almost as stressed now as I was when I left. Where are the long routes that don't see any cars? Is that even possible?
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