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WOW 3-day shipping from PBK to NorCal!

I ordered a pair of Sidi Genius 6.6 Mega shoes and a pair of Ultegra pedals from PBK on Saturday night and both were shipped out on Monday. When I got into work this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find that a package from PBK to me was listed in the internal company package tracking system. That's like 3-day shipping from EU to NorCal! FOR FREE!

The only problem is that only the shoes were there but the pedals weren't, which apparently was shipped separately because I placed two orders one for each item (stupid me, I could have had 10% discount, but by placing 2 separate orders I can only use the 5% discount code). Anyway, it's kinda weird how (1) they didn't combine the packages together to save money and (2) that both packages were shipped the same day but didn't arrive at the same time. I hope the pedals aren't stuck in customs or something.

As for the shoes I actually ordered them without trying them first. Well actually I tried the non-mega version at a LBS but the toe box was tight so I was kinda crossing my fingers when I tried on the Megas when they arrived. Thank god the fit was perfect. The toe boxes are still sort of tight compared to my old shoes, but that's solved by not wearing socks which I planned on doing anyway. Only problem with not wearing socks is that it's hard to take the shoes off.
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