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If the bill isn't enacted before the current term of the New York Legislature ends, it will die and have to be re-introduced in the next term. (I believe this term of the state legislature will sit through next year so you should write your state senator and assemblyman and encourage other e-bike owners you know in the state to do the same--although the bill may have passed the senate, both chambers will have to pass the bill with the same wording, so the senate may have further action on modifications made in the assembly.)

Congress has only touched on safety standards--creating its definition of "power assisted bicycle" to clarify which federal agency has jurisdiction to set safety standards. It intentionally has left the decision on whether to allow electric bicycles to be ridden on public roads and, if so, what conditions to impose up to each state. It can be confusing and frustrating for people.

I am concerned that as more people buy or build more powerful, faster electric bicycles that public opinion may turn against them, especially if they're perceived as being unsafe or as being operated in an unsafe manner. If that happens, I think more states may follow NY's lead and ban their use completely.
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