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Anyone Wanna Trade V2.0 No Cash offers or "For Sale"

We're going to start fresh.

The rules for this if you want to keep this going is.
  1. No cash offers
  2. No for Sale stuff, hidden or otherwise in this trade thread.
  3. No offers of "Pictures of Presidents", no offers of cash, no offers of forbiddens, etc. They are hints towards cash and henceforth will not be allowed. We are not kidding, so do not test us.

With that being said, if a for sale ad or offer for cash is mentioned it will not result in the closing of the thread, unless it gets out of hand. If it gets out of hand, it will be closed for one to two weeks. Otherwise the person that mentions for sale, or offers cash in this thread will get his post deleted and will be issued an infraction. No warnings, it is straight to infractions.

If you see one of the rules being broken in this thread report the post and one of the mods will address it.

Also once the trade is complete, edit your post to reflect that.
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