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I don't know that I would have said you were a "troll" - a little too pejorative for someone who hasn't really said anything that strong. Perhaps it's that you're asking about aesthetic advice for something that is more of a functional/design issue. If you didn't like the "space between..", then why did you put down (assuming) good money for it? It's probably safe to say that most here look at such things more practically - it's designed that way for a reason and, unless you have a unique bike (and you don't), most 58's are going to have the same/similar "space". The consensus is likely to be more along the lines that you should buy something that fits (space be damned), because that's where you're going to get the most benefit and enjoyment from your bike. Did you buy it used? Because if you didn't, you should just take it back to where you got it and get the 56 if that's what you really want to do. BUT, you ought to do more homework and figure out what is more likely to fit first. Unless you have a lot of money to throw at this, whether you like the way it looks or not doesn't really play into the decision much - because if a 58 is what you should have, most bikes are going to have the same issue...good luck.
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