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Unbelievable how people like to make assumptions, no matter how baseless.

Let me set folk straight (first I had to look up "shill"!)

I have been monitoring traffic on our site and noticed traffic coming from this forum, and then found this thread. I have no idea who the original poster is, but there are currently only a handful of employees, and I'm the only one who really knows how to use the internet!!!!! The other folks are great at making bikes, but wouldn't know a forum from a floppy disk!

So....whoever posted the original post, I guarantee is not an Argus employee or affiliated in any way. The folks on Slowtwitch are correct, we would NOT go around faking posts. If I want to tell you about our company, I'll log on as myself and tell you about it. There are many better ways to market a product than to assume a fake name and make claims about a company (although I'm sure the original poster's intentions were good).

So, I would suggest that if anyone has any questions about our company, they ask, instead of making baseless assertions about us on forums. I'm more than happy to field any questions you have about the history of Argus, the connections to Aegis, and anything else I can do to help.

Sorry if it sounded like I have a negative tone. I don't want to come across that way, and I can see why someone might think that the original post was a "shill", but after working so hard on something to make sure it is done right and fairly and on the up-and-up, for someone to make accusations of shadiness as if they were statements of fact is ignorant and unfair.

So...that hard feelings, but please consider that you are talking about decent people who value honor and integrity, not a bunch of guerilla marketing wannabes.

Now...what would folks like to know about Argus?


Dan Madore
Argus Bicycle Company
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