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55/Rad is correct. The octa-link you bid on will not work with the Mega-Exo BB. So, if you want one of those BB's, then you need to cancel your bid, or hope you get outbid by someone else. They made them in octa-link for a while for people who wanted to upgrade there cheaper Shimano Ultegra cranks etc, to something carbon w/o having to replace the BB, but they are no longer produced, as far as I know.

The newer Superlight cranks come only in ISIS, and you can buy a ISIS Mega-Exo BB made by FSA that will work with it. However, if you are a weight weenie, you may want to consider the fact that it is heavier (230g) than the standard BB's made by FSA. I have the Platinum Pro Ti-megaquad, which is only 173g, and so far, it has performed flawlessly for several hundred miles now. Proper installation is the key. They are VERY stiff too, and actually cheaper. It all depends on how bad you want the newest thing.

I personally was on a lightweight binge at the time, and made out with one that happened to be lighter, and cheaper. But, I do understand that the newer outboard bearing design may have slightly longer service life. But, after 5-10 years, I will probably be getting a new bike anyway.
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