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In the beginning...

In the 80's Odyssey came out with the Gyro and that became their cash cow for years. Until their patent rights expired they were entirely supporting the company on the Gyro. The SST came along and made a Gyro that was slightly better and sold it to a lot of Odyssey's clients.

Odyssey really considered getting out of bmx then - no money.

Then a few guys came along that recognized Odyssey's problems. Chris Constansas being one of the key players in this transition. These guys came into Odyssey and looked at every single part Odyssey made and re-engineered it for quality. What they didn't have time to re-engineer early on, they discontinued immediately. NO Odyssey part was going to be marketed that was sub-par in quality.

The new Gyros were released, the sealed version, the Modulevers, and Evolvers. They got permission and help with London Bikes to make the London Mod which is used by a ton of riders. Then their bars and forks and now their cranks are all being produced with lifetime warranties and a finer grade of chromoly. Hardening, heat treating, specific dirt/street/race/flatland designs are available...

Most of all, they have guys working for them that actually do some riding and surf the web listening to feedback and using that feedback to make next years products better than this years. They are no longer complacent, sitting around milking the cow for all it has. They are breeding new ideas and new technologies and are putting forth products that are simply better than the competition, or on level with other specialized high-end manufacturers.

Very few companies in Odyssey's situation have been able to do what they have done. And, in my opinion, no other company offers such a diverse list of products that are truly exceptional like theirs.
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