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Bikes: Hoffman D130 (Dirty One Thirty)

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Hoffman Bike question.

This is the first time coming to this forum. And I would like to say hi to everyone. Ok, so heres my question:

I just bought a Hoffman D130 (Dirty One Thirty) and its really nice. When I bought it off this lady I was hopping that it wasnt a Walmart bike. Anyway, I'm about 20 years of age and I'm thinking about getting into dirt-jumping. Kinda scared though.

Ok, I want to get the new Odessey Camo Dirt Fork on Dan'sComp, but I dont know if it will fit the bike. Is there any kind of standard that bikes use when in production? I dont want to spend upwards of a $100 on it, and it jiggle around or not fit. Can anyone here tell me if it will?
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