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Removing the rear wheel is no problem. It takes maybe 1-2 minutes, instead of 30 seconds with a QR rear wheel with non-hub gears. Unless one is changing/removing the rear wheel all the time, it hardly matters. Procedure is as follows, on the Presto Lite and most (all?) bikes with hub gears:

-unhook the rear brake wire so the brake spread out to its maximum. (Or loosen the brake arm if you have a coaster brake)
-unhook the gear change wire, pull out the plastic cap on the hub.
-loosen bolts for rear wheel
-push wheel forward, unhook the chain
-pull wheel backwards, remove wheel

That's it really, reverse to put it back on & adjust the gear wire if needed.

If I were to choose between the Presto Lite and the Helios P8, I'd look more at gear range, ride quality, maintainance need, folded size etc to make the decision.
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