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Originally Posted by qmsdc15 View Post
I was less than two blocks into a beer run when a lady on a road bike passed me. I chased her and rode
with her and ended up getting my beer a long way from here, at the Town Hall in College Park. I invited her to stop there with the drinks on me, but she declined, so we parted ways at Lake Artemesia. On the way home, I realized I had forgotten my iPod, something I hadn't missed on the way out, flirting with the roadie chick. A long and lonely ride home.

On the way out, I stopped to snap a picture of this guy, then chased back up to my new friend. She suffers stalkers well.

She pointed out these deer, which I would not have noticed. Deers, aeroplanes and subway trains at the
longest continuously operating airport in the USA. The Wright brothers used this field.

Do you think if that big buck on the left side of pic had his bar ends tilted more forward he could run faster into a headwind ??

Just yanking your chain... Beautiful pics, but where is the one of your stalking victim ??
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