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Originally Posted by qmsdc15 View Post
Going home for lunch rocks! Correction, my small town life ended after fourth grade, not fifth, but yeah, small town life ruled. We had a four digit phone number.
Looks like you guys and gals are having a great time in the new hybrid forum. My wife has a Trek 7300? and loves it. She recently did 25 miles on the 50+ Forum Annual Ride in Glenwood Springs. She will be 72 in November.

I'm glad you have your own forum.

Speaking of phones:

My ring as a kid was

2 longs and two shorts, and you rang it on a phone right out of a Norman Rockwell picture - and we had a 13 person party line. The actual phone number was "Cuyamaca #3"

To wake up the operator, you would crank and crank and crank. Sometimes you were successful, and sometimes not.

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