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Originally Posted by shouldberiding View Post
My cleats are pretty far back, probably still have 1/4" left. I never could fathom how having the cleat on the front holes pushed anywhere near the front would work for anyone. That's not anywhere near the ball of the foot. You'd think shoe manufacturers would bias the slots more towards the rear of the shoe than they currently do.
Don't know your physical dimensions, but speaking as a Clyde, I can tell you -- my cleats are as far forward as the shoes will allow. Too far back, it gets into the arch of my foot -- PAINFUL! As I said earlier, the type of shoe can affect that, as well. Tried my old Sette's yesterday, with the cleat 'near the front of the ball of my foot'; I feel now that it could be about 2-3mm back, but that's all, and that still isn't anywhere near where the Answer shoes place them. If I could get the Answers to mount the cleat about 4-5mm forward, I'd be in hog heaven.

I'm guessing your shoe size (Euro) is less than about 40 or 41.
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