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LBS probably messed up the threads, but it's possible they were just bad in the first place. Don't worry about it, there are always shakedown issues.

I've got only one bike, a cheap hybrid, and I do my own wrenching (the bike shop has actually only seen my bike once since selling it to me, and I wound up fixing it that time myself anyway, because they couldn't handle the job). So I probably don't remember a bunch of stuff that might have caused me trouble.

I had a lot of spokes break the first year, until I gave up and built my own rear wheel. That would have sucked if I wasn't able to replace my own spokes. No problems with that wheel for the rest of its life (about 13000 miles).

I stripped a thread out of the crank once; it was VERY cold (-15*F) and I decided to swap out my SPD pedals for platforms so I could wear heavy boots, and when I took the pedals out, the aluminum had shrunk so bad it tore the threads out. Lesson learned; I'll heat the crank with a torch first next time. But that cost me a new crank.

The only time I lost use of my bike for an extended time was at about 15000 miles, I broke the rear axle. It was a freewheel axle so it was weak anyway. I rode my wife's bike for 3 days until a new rear wheel arrived (it turned out to be cheaper to buy a built wheel than to buy the parts).

Lots of little junk, but nothing that kept me from riding, just flats, thrown chains, etc, that I could fix on the road.
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