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my commute bike is a 30 year old steelie. it breaks down, but most of it i can fix. i have had the rear derailleur strip out of the hanger not five feet out of the driveway, wheels go out of true, the rear break cable has broke, front derailleur has seized up, chain has gotten twisted, lose bottom bracket, warped chainring, lose headset, ect. its was a free, i put on some modern compoents like sora sti shifters, new 700c wheels and brake pads, i overhalled the headset and bottom bracket, used a different crankset i had laying around.

typical i see something is not working perfectly and i just leave it, rarely do i have the time when i want to work on the bike. its more like i need to fix this or i can't make it to work tomorrow. this road bike isn't as reliable to ride as my old 90s steel mtb, but its alot faster, more efficient, and just a better day to day experience even with all the problems.

my back up bike is a alum road bike, its a little bit fast and what i use for weekend rides, 20-40mile fun rides. i hate riding this bike to work. even thought i see carbon fiber 2-3k bikes locked up with just 1 ulock or 1 cable lock sometimes i am not willing to take that risk even with 2ulocks.
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