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Probably some generic Wellgo platforms (most likely labeled as Haro or something to that extent), or possibly Haro Small Blocks.

And if your pedals are already on there, I wouldn't bother pulling them out and greasing. It's a good idea to do it the next time around, though.

edit: Fusion DXs are basically the generic Wellgos with "Haro Fusion" stamped on them, so... yeah.

edit: Just get a narrow 15mm open-end wrench or a pedal wrench (basically a long 15mm open-end, for extra torque) and put them on. It's a waste of cash to have the shop put them on. Just remember that there's a left pedal and a right pedal, both having opposing threads to one another so they won't come undone so easily.

As for the extra pins, they're just that: extra. The Jim C pedals use two lengths of pins in them, a 3mm (4mm?) and a 2mm, with the 2mm being the centermost pins and the 3mm being the outer (front/rear) pins.

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