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Originally Posted by Beerman
Probably some generic Wellgo platforms (most likely labeled as Haro or something to that extent), or possibly Haro Small Blocks.

And if your pedals are already on there, I wouldn't bother pulling them out and greasing. It's a good idea to do it the next time around, though.

edit: Fusion DX are basically the generic Wellgos with "Haro Fusion" stamped on them, so... yeah.

Yeah, they look awfully similar to my friends Wello platform pedals. But do you think I'd be able to install by myself ok as long as I grease the threads and watch out for the thread direction? I've just checked out Parktool's website on how to install pedals, and it seems easy enough.

Edit: Never mind about this post, I didn't notice that Beerman was still editing his post.
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