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Originally Posted by Beerman
Probably some generic Wellgo platforms (most likely labeled as Haro or something to that extent), or possibly Haro Small Blocks.

And if your pedals are already on there, I wouldn't bother pulling them out and greasing. It's a good idea to do it the next time around, though.

edit: Fusion DXs are basically the generic Wellgos with "Haro Fusion" stamped on them, so... yeah.

edit: Just get a narrow 15mm open-end wrench or a pedal wrench (basically a long 15mm open-end, for extra torque) and put them on. It's a waste of cash to have the shop put them on. Just remember that there's a left pedal and a right pedal, both having opposing threads to one another so they won't come undone so easily.

As for the extra pins, they're just that: extra. The Jim C pedals use two lengths of pins in them, a 3mm (4mm?) and a 2mm, with the 2mm being the centermost pins and the 3mm being the outer (front/rear) pins.

Ok, thanks very much for the help. I didn't notice any difference in the pin sizes, but I didn't know what exactly to look for, so that is why I probably didn't notice. I'm going to go out and install them now, see you later.

Update: I've just successfully installed my new Odyssey Jim Cl. pedals and I took them for a test ride, and all I gotta' say is that they are sweet. They grip sooo much better than my old cheap Fusion DX pedals did, and they have more room for my foot to move around on the pedal face. I don't know why they made those Fusion pedals so small. They actually gave my feet cramps after a long ride because they didn't support my feet enough. Well, thanks for everyone's help, (especially you Beerman) I got em' on, they worked great, and the color looks awesome on my bike. Now for those 3rd Bass gloves......

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