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Originally Posted by ItsJustMe View Post
There's no way you can install the pedals on the wrong side, but they may have been cross threaded or overtightened.
My first folding bike came out of the box direct from the factory with the pedals already installed. And they were installed on the wrong side, the R pedal on the left side, the L pedal on the right. I rode the bike about 2000 miles before this problem came to light! The problem eventually presented itself with the pedals getting loose in their holes, and when I went to tighten them, they unscrewed. The threads were pretty much gone, and the crank arms needed to be replaced. I was not amused.

I'm not worried about what happened to OP's bike. Someone screwed up, probably the LBS, and they should fix it for you. If they don't, well, that would suck; but still it's not a big deal.

To answer the original question: How reliable are my commuters? Very! I have a #1 bike on which I do about 90% of my commuting, and a #2 just in case. I do maintenance work on the #1 bike as necessary, only riding #2 when #1 develops unexpected problems overnight, or develops problems serious enough to disable it for a while. Such problems don't usually occur suddenly, but they do occur. So far this year #1 has been seriously disabled three times: rear rim wore out, so the bike sat until a replacement rim came in the mail; frame broke, so the bike ast until a new frame came in the mail; and finally it spent over a month at the LBS while the hub was being overhauled (well, not exactly). So it turns out #2 got enough use that I was seriously considering buying a #3.

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