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Originally Posted by rhm View Post
To answer the original question: How reliable are my commuters? Very! I have a #1 bike on which I do about 90% of my commuting, and a #2 just in case. I do maintenance work on the #1 bike as necessary, only riding #2 when #1 develops unexpected problems overnight, or develops problems serious enough to disable it for a while. Such problems don't usually occur suddenly, but they do occur. So far this year #1 has been seriously disabled three times: rear rim wore out, so the bike sat until a replacement rim came in the mail; frame broke, so the bike ast until a new frame came in the mail; and finally it spent over a month at the LBS while the hub was being overhauled (well, not exactly). So it turns out #2 got enough use that I was seriously considering buying a #3.
For me, that kind of maintenance on a single bike would certainly constitute an unusually problematic year.

To answer the OP, I also maintain multiple bikes ready for commuting duty. My cross bike is my primary commuter followed by a road bike with fenders that I ride in the rain. I will also commute on my nice road bike in a pinch but I hate to leave it locked up outside all day. I also have two mountain bikes ready for duty at any time. It gets incredibly expensive to maintian 5 bikes but any given bike breaks down only rarely.

For me, I am more likely to have to grab an alternate bike due to a surprise flat than for any other reason.

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