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Originally Posted by rodar y rodar View Post
Just like they said- the only real harm in getting a disc hub is that it adds a little dish. That and the fact that I`m a bit miffed by the whole discification of mtbs that I really try to avoid anything disc related if at all possible If you can`t find a nondisc hub that suits your needs, the disc model will probably be just fine.

I had a 3N71 (32h) on my main ride for about two years and I loved it, though I can`t compare to anything else since it`s the only dyno I`ve ever used. I sold that bike, hub and lights and all and just finished building up a 3N72 (32h). Today was the first time I rode it and I still need to rig up a light mount, so still no good comparison to offer, but they pretty much look the same except the graphics and I expect little or no discernable difference in performance. According to the specs, the 72 is slightly lighter than the 71, but I didnt weigh either of them, so I can`t confirm. I do love dynos fr lighting, though- can`t waight for daylight savings time to end!

My current hub came from Peter White about a month ago- no disc. Can`t say for sure, but I think Harris has the 36h in stock. And if you can`t find what you want in the US, don`t be too hesitant to order from Chain Reaction or SJS. I bought a set of stoker cranks from SJS last year and it was a completely painless transaction, shipping not too awful, and my order came in long before I started wondering where it was.

EDIT: whoops- you bought a hub while I was typing. That one ought to do the trick. What light(s) are you going to use? Enjoy!
Thanks a lot for the input. Yes, I probably should have held out for non-disc but I'm happy enough with my choice. Actually, Harris was out of stock for 36h 3N72s but wiggle.co.uk had them for a good price with free shipping. However, after torturing my local guy with catalog searches, I wanted to get the hub through him.

As to the lights, I'm making a giant spreadsheet to decide on all the choices. My lighting setup is mostly for commuting--none at high speeds. I have some dark roads to travel but I'll never break 15-20 mph coming home. With that in mind, I've decided to go with LED (for a wider beam and not to worry about bulb burn out). I know that I'll need a switched version, and I plan to get one with a standlight just in case. I don't think I'll go for anything much above $100, so Supernovas and some other great lights might be out of my range. This is about as far as I got with the light decision. :-)

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