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Originally Posted by PrototypeFC3S
A lot of the dirt lots around my area have been gated up and everything has been bulldozed. I'm thinking I should just stick to street, but concret scares the living **** out of me. If anyone from Phoenix can hook it up with some local spots please come forward, because its getting kind of lonely.

Thanks for pointing that out, the wheels not beening sealed. I had no idea. I dont mind spending a little more to get something thats gonna last for awhile, I was looking at these but since the other ones are a bad idea, then it looks like this is going to be Plan-B.

DK BIG CITY WHEELSET #402015 $149.99

That is a much better wheelset than you had before. Those rims are actually double-walled, and the hubs are sealed 48-hole for strength and dependablility in dirty conditions. Those will do a heck of alot better for you than the other wheelset would of. I'd still wait for BMXTRIX's reply though since he knows more about that stuff than I do.
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