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B&M Lumotec IQ Cyo vs Cyo R (Sport vs Near field)

I've seen a lot of tests and praise for the Cyo, and I'm sold on it or its near-field version. However, I'm really torn about the Cyo vs Cyo R. The Cyo is brighter (60-70 lux @ 10m at my speeds) and throws the light further but has a dark area up to 4m in front, while the Cyo R is a bit dimmer (40-50 lux @ 10m at my speeds) and doesn't reach quite as far but illuminates the area close in front (2m-4m or so).

I've only seen one or two comments on bikeforums about Cyo R--almost everyone seems to have the other version. I'm hoping that more people have tried the R version by now. My questions to you are followed by my commute details:

1. If you've tried both lights, could you compare?
2. If you've tried only the R version, do you ever wish you had more light throw or a brighter hotspot?
3. If you've tried only the non-R version, do you ever wish you had some light closer to the bike or can you adjust comfortably based on seeing obstacles a few seconds earlier? Do you think you could spare 1/3 of the brightness in the hotspot?
4. Is the new chromed casing available anywhere (is it only for the Cyo Sport version)?

My commute is usually under 15mph (~25kmh) and almost never exceeding 20mph (~30kmh). After a couple of miles in town (with some streetlights), I go for a few miles on unlit rural roads (including a mile-long slow hill climb). There are occasional potholes, glass, and winter ice patches to worry about. All this makes me lean towards the less bright light with close-up illumination (i.e., Cyo R). I'm just nervous about later regretting not going for the brightest option.

Thanks a lot for any advice!
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