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Thanks for the advice, guys!

2_i, I was fully bought into your logic (and the preference for Cyo R) but my wife is derailing my decision-making. :-) Looking at the photos on the AR test (http://www.nabendynamo.de/service/pdf/ar_11-12_2008.pdf), it appears that the Cyo R light reaches to about 12m. If I'm going 20mph, which is ~9m/s, this gives me less than 2 seconds to react, which could be a little low. I suspect that the Cyo R light reaches further, though. Could you give me a rough idea of the distance at which you can identify obstacles well?

gomadtroll, I'm curious if the area 1-4m in front is really dark with the IQ Fly or simply less bright. If I see a pothole in the hotspot earlier, can I still follow it with my eyes when it's just in front, or does it simply disappear in the dark? I'd keep the light on the fork crown (with 26" wheels on my LHT--that's what you got it, isn't it?), so this should help a bit. BTW, two E3s sound like a great option but sadly price is an object. :-)

My wife is on my case to get the Cyo (non-R version), so I want to do due diligence in my research. If I make my own decision for a change (we give each other a great deal of unsolicited advice), I'd love not to hear "You should have gotten the brighter one!". :-)

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