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Originally Posted by alelog View Post
Looking at the photos on the AR test, it appears that the Cyo R light reaches to about 12m. If I'm going 20mph, which is ~9m/s, this gives me less than 2 seconds to react, which could be a little low. I suspect that the Cyo R light reaches further, though. Could you give me a rough idea of the distance at which you can identify obstacles well?
Reaching to my memory and looking at a map for distances, I realize, however disbelievable it might seem, that I regularly see shining traffic signs from the distances of the order of 200 m, illuminated by Cyo R. This is the case although the light is directed down to cover primarily intermediate and close distances. When riding I swing occasionally my front to see the results on the signs and make sure that I am not dreaming.

Originally Posted by alelog View Post
My wife is on my case to get the Cyo (non-R version), so I want to do due diligence in my research. If I make my own decision for a change (we give each other a great deal of unsolicited advice), I'd love not to hear "You should have gotten the brighter one!". :-)
If it matters for anything, my wife rides with Cyo R as well, but then she was not presented with a choice - just right away wanted to have the same lamp as I.
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